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Our Natural and Organic Vegan Mattresses feature premium plant based materials such as certified organic cotton, 100% natural rubber with or without springs and covered inside a luxurious organic euro knit cotton cover filled with organic cotton. Our multi-layer latex cores accommodate the firmness needs of each individual sleeper by allowing you to choose your own firmness.

Vegan Natural & Organic Mattress Option

The Vegan Mattress Alternative
Many Good Night Naturals mattresses are now available without animal by-products, such as wool.

Our Mattresses Are Available with a VEGAN option, meaning we don't use any wool in the quilting or other animal components. Instead our GOTS-certified organic cotton knit surface fabric is quilted to our organic cotton batting and woven organic cotton backing. No wool whatsoever.

Vegan's Prefer Mattresses Without Animal Products.  There are two ways to solve the problem. Many Vegan mattresses are made with a FR barrier made from a blend of plant-based and synthetic fibers to create a fire barrier. These types of FR fire barriers contains PLA (polyLacticAcid) which is synthesized from natural plant material (corn) and synthetic catalysts. In our opinion, PLA-based fibers lack the wonderful benefits of combining wool and organic cotton.  In our opinion, it's NOT the the best choice for Vegans!

The Answer: Our answer is a mattress without any FR including wool. 

Removing Wool Creates a Problem: Compliance with State and Federal mattress flammability regulations requires mattresses be made to withstand open flame tests. To meet these regulations, most mattresses are made with a FR (Flame Resistant) barrier. Read on, there is a way around the problem.

What are FRs?  FR stands for Flame Retardant.  Because all mattresses must pass flammability testing, manufacturers use FR barriers or FR chemicals to comply with fire code laws. Good Night Naturals does not believe in using synthetic flame retardant barriers or chemicals. Our solution is wool. Wool is naturally fire-retardant, but wool is an animal product.

The Natural & Organic Alternative to FR Barriers is to leave out all chemical and PLA FR barriers completely.  But the problem is that mattresses are subject to State and Federal regulations that require mattresses to pass strict "burn tests".

To comply with State and Federal regulations requires a doctor's prescription written by a licensed MD, RN or DO. Download the Prescription Mattress Form

All Good Night Naturals VEGAN mattresses are expertly finished and ready for you to enjoy. Vegan quilting is featured on both sides so you can flip your mattress if you desire. (This is especially beneficial if you get a soft-top mattress that you want firmer.)

It's easy to order your own Vegan mattress. Just browse our various models and when selecting your size, also choose the "Vegan" option. That's it. If you have questions, just give us a call during normal business hours at 866.388.5154. We'll be happy to assist you!

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