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We are the organic, natural alternative. Harvest Green mattresses are made in the USA without petroleum-based polyurethane foams, chemical fire retardants or fiberglass. Our raw materials are free from toxic flame retardants, dangerous pesticides, volatile chemicals, and gases. Our Harvest Green Sleep products offer a safe, luxurious, healthier sleep surface that utilizes certified organic, all-natural eco-friendly materials. You will find no generic digital renderings or simulations of our mattresses. We only use original images of our insides. Our natural and organic materials feature:


UL Green Guard Gold Approved.  Safe, Natural mattresses are made in the USA, unlike other online mattress offerings.  All of our eco-friendly products are serviced locally throughout the USA.  We are one of the few mattress brands you can research online and test in-store before making your decision. This allows you to buy locally and support your community business as they support you. Our 360 degree-service model allows us to serve you on your terms and alleviate the environmental impact of high returns. 


We use certified organic wool, ​cotton, and latex.

Our cotton and wool are natural and produced to meet the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. ​ Our certified organic Dunlop latex is GOLS certified. The GOLS seal is the premier certification class for latex mattresses. Our GOLS certification follows the organic latex from the organic latex farm, to the farmer, to the manufacturing process, to shipment. Our mattresses are Greenguard Gold Certified and have been measured for various pollutants, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). There is only a small number of mattress makers that can make this claim.


Harvesting Natural Production Solutions

Our Company's mission is to provide the very best in all-natural, green, organic sleep surfaces. To accomplish this we must relentlessly ensure all of our materials are competent and align properly to our statements. We believe our non-toxic, eco-friendly products will improve your bedrooms overall air quality by eliminating unneeded toxins. Below, you will find our Harvest Green Certifications for our mattress components.


GOTS Certified Wool & Cotton

Rest assured our organic cotton, and organic wool materials have all been certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).  This certification is verified via a third party certification process.  These materials are better for the user and are both renewable and sustainably sourced. We only use GOTS organic certified cotton and wool materials in producing our Harvest products.


USDA Organic

Control Union certifies that they have inspected and declared our Dunlop latex materials to be USDA Organic certified. With its foundation in agriculture, the Control Union Certification focuses its efforts on developing services around the sustainability of the industry's supply chains which feed into the food, feed, forestry, biomass, bioenergy, social compliance, and textiles markets. With 'boots on the ground' in more than 70 countries, Control Union Certifications is uniquely placed to manage challenges with today's global marketplace. 


GOLS Organic Certified

What is GOLS Organic Certified?  GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard.  This is a third-party certification that ensures our Latex is made of more than 95% of certified organic raw material based on weight. Additionally, the GOLS certification also focuses on aspects such as factory worker's overall safety, health, and the environment in the manufacturing process.  It examines emissions, polymer, filler percentages, and any substances deemed harmful. Click below to examine our actual GOLS Documents.


Greenguard Gold Certified

Harvest is certified for low emissions. Our Harvest Green Mattress certified and tested by UL Environment.  It has been measured for various pollutants, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), phthalates, and formaldehyde. All of these are believed to reduce indoor air quality. There is only a small number of mattress makers that can make this claim.  We are proud to say that our mattress is Greenguard Gold certified.


OEKO-TEX Certified

All of our Harvest Green organic certified latex, wool, and cotton are certified by OEKO-TEX for their ecological and human safety. OEKO-TEX is a certification awarded only to products that are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.  This certification means that our layer and fabric components are grown according to strict guidelines on the use of petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides, and synthetic products. Our components have been examined to be free from pesticides, chlorinated phenols, heavy metals, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, and chloro-organic carriers. 


Eco-INSTITUT Certified

Our 100% natural organic Harvest green latex is proudly certified from the eco-INSTITUT in Cologne, Germany. This certificate of approval validates that our green Dunlop latex sleep sets have been proven to exceed the legal requirements for health harmlessness of latex and mattress products. This all means that our harvest green Dunlop latex does not contain the volatile organic compounds, pesticides, heavy metals, phthalates, or formaldehyde. Our latex makes our sleep sets more natural.

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