“We should not sustain society as it is, but change society for sustainability.” “Eco-value= Essential Comfort value”. Fumi Masuda


Dapwood Furniture has been hand crafting solid wood platform bed frames since 1985. Their 30 years of experience makes them a favorite choice for organic and natural mattress stores and their customers throughout the United States and Cananda.  

  • Many furniture stores offer cheap imported beds comprised of engineered composites or razor thin veneers. These man-made products, including bamboo, are glued together with large amounts of adhesives which often contain harmful chemicals. Furthermore, imported products require fumigation in transit to kill insect larvae which often leave behind a chemical residual.
  • Dapwood uses only USA grown solid woods, so it employs other American small businesses and is never engaged in unsavory labor practices, deforestation or dangerous chemicals.  

Vermont Furniture Designs strives to build the most beautiful and durable furniture possible by combining traditional techniques, with an emphasis on color and grain selection and matching boards, with technology that is most appropriate for the application, such as smooth-operating slides and hardware. Those parts that are not visible are chosen because they deliver uncompromising performance.

  • Each piece of furniture is bench-crafted by a small team of Vermont Craftsmen. Everyone on our team contributes to quality control; parts or even entire pieces can be rejected at any time.
  • All of this results in an Old World look that delivers a high degree of quality and durability. We are considered the top-quality vendor by all of our wholesale customers, and this is backed up by a return rate of near zero. We feel comfortable comparing our furniture with pieces costing two to three times as much.

Copeland Furniture has been producing wood products and furniture since 1976. We have gradually grown over the years from a one man shop to the largest employer in our small town of Bradford, Vermont.

  • With a vision to create a family owned and operated enterprise, we set out in the early 1970s to make wood products from natural hardwoods. Initially, we made cider presses for home and small-scale orchard use. From there our designs evolved into butcher-block kitchen furniture and Adirondack-style porch furniture, items that were functional and affordable for baby-boomers as they furnished their first homes.
  • During our many periods of growth, we have changed from a one-man operation in an old garage in East Corinth, Vermont, to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located on the banks of the Connecticut River in Bradford, Vermont. Using a combination of leading-edge computer technology and traditional craftsman technique, we have created an enterprise that is embedded in our local community, a place that provides a fulfilling work environment for the men and women who come to work here every day.


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