Delivery & Freight Guidelines

Delivery charges are included in the cost of mattresses, futons and most bedroom furniture. It's Good Night Natural's way of making your shopping experience more pleasant.

The information contained in this document pertains to mattress and furniture orders that arrive by Common Freight Carriers.

Shipping Quotes

    • When requesting a shipping quote for mattresses or furniture delivery, inform us if the road to your home is unpaved, narrow, covered with trees or impassable by a large truck or tractor-trailer.


  • For White Glove Delivery Service: are there stairs or are the stairs wide enough? How many flights of stairs? Is there an elevator? This and any other information that may impact the delivery of your furniture is important for us to know.

Service Definitions:

    • Curbside Delivery: Least expensive. Meet driver at the curb.


    • Inside Threshold: To the front door of the building with your help.


  • White Glove Inside Delivery: Driver(s) move item(s), unpack and set up. Stairs are additional.

Information Regarding the Day of Delivery:

    • Under most circumstances your furniture or mattress will arrive free of damage. Thoroughly inspect boxes before signing. Even if the boxes are in good shape, write: “SUBJECT TO INSPECTION” on the delivery document. This insures you will be covered should there be any hidden damage once the boxes are opened.


  • Open all boxes within 24hrs to verify contents are undamaged.


    • Count the number of boxes and make a note on the shipping document if the numbers do not match. If possible, note the item(s) missing from the shipment.


  • Contact us at once by phone or email.


    • Inspect before signing. Most drivers will be helpful, however if your driver is uncooperative notify us immediately and take their employee identification (located on the bottom of the delivery receipt).


    • Note visible damage on the delivery receipt (punctured, torn, crushed, etc). Be specific.


    • If you suspect damage, open and view the item. Do not accept a badly damaged item.


    • Hold all packing materials for inspection.


  • Call us immediately so that we can assist you with the claims process.


    • The freight document is a legal document. When you sign without notes or exceptions, you are agreeing that the merchandise was received in good condition.

Customs, VAT, Overseas Shipments:

    • The purchaser is responsible for all Customs, VAT, or additional fees levied when goods in the "ship to" country. By requesting overseas shipments, purchaser agrees to pay all additional charges related to Customs, VAT or Advancement Fees


  • Good Night Naturals accepts no financial responsibility caused by failure to following these guidelines. We will gladly assist you in replacing damaged goods in a timely manner. By following these guidelines shipping problems will be kept to a minimum.


Contact Good Night Naturals by phone: 866.388.5154 or email for questions, request a shipping quote or to report damage.

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