Pure Natural Latex

 Latex is the premium choice for your sleeping comfort. In Europe where attention to "skin friendly" is demanded and tested, our latex mattress goes above even their standards. Today, most mattresses are made with polyurethane or "memory foam" cushioning which is chock full of chemicals. 100% Pure Natural Dunlap and Talalay Latex is famous for it's flexibility and elasticity and ability to conform to your neck, spine, hips and shoulders. 

Latex is only 100% natural in a liquid state. In order to take it from a liquid to a usable and solid state, all latex must be vulcanized. Therefore, a mixture of natural rubber (90-95%), zinc oxide (2-3%), fatty acid soaps (1-2%), sulfur (1-2%), and sodium (1-2%) is created which is essential for the vulcanization, foaming, and curing process. The finished core is then washed a minimum of three times to remove residuals that may be left over after curing. The finished product is approximately 98% natural latex rubber.

Known for being resistance to molds, mildews and dust mites, this is the mattress for allergy sufferers. Pure Natural latex is also a great alternative if you are concerned with the effects of Electro Magnetic Fields. Our Twilight latex crib mattress was designed for parents wanting a metal and chemical free mattress...perhaps the finest crib mattress on the planet!

There Are Only Two Types of Latex

Two types of Latex exist: natural latex a product of the rubber tree without synthetics and synthetic latex or blended latex which is made completely or partially from chemical and petroleum products.


  • Synthetic Latex: Man-made from chemicals and petroleum with same cell structure as natural minus the proteins found in the natural. Before the Second World War, virtually all latex used in production was natural. During WW2 supplies of latex from the Far East were very restricted, hence the search for a synthetic alternative. Scientists tried to copy natural latex (derived from cis-polyisoprene) and largely failed: the latex produced was inferior to the real thing. Instead, they developed a latex based on a synthetic polymer that behaved in a similar way. The word "polymer" simply means a compound made up of long chains of molecules, each link in the chain being derived from simple chemicals known as 'monomers." A number of synthetic latices were developed, the most useful one being made by polymerizing styrene (a liquid) with butadiene (a gas) to give styrene-butadiene rubber, abbreviated to SBR. Latex Matress Consumer Guide, coutesy of fitzz.com


  • Pure Natural Latex: Harvested from rubber trees grown in tropical regions of the world. Natural latex is not a perfect product by the very nature of its being natural. The degree of difference is not great but enough that makes it necessary for purchasers of the raw material to test for quality. It is much like buying coffee beans to arrive at different blends. Natural and synthetic rubbers have differing properties. Natural rubber is very soft and elastic. When natural rubber is tapped from a tree it is very dilute, with the rubber content being only about 30%. It has to be concentrated before use to above 61.5% solids. Of these solids, 60.0% is rubber, and the remaining 1.5% are compounds unique to natural latex (proteins, phospholipids, carbohydrates, amino acids). These unique ingredients are very important in explaining the behavior of natural latex. Latex Matress Consumer Guide, coutesy of fitzz.com


The latex in Good Night Naturals products is procured naturally, without damaging the rubber tree in the process. See: A Brief Natural History of Latex Rubber. Natural latex is strong and it's elastic properties ensure sag free, firm support for years and years of happy, restful sleep. Another important fact is that unlike polyurethane (synthetic latex foam), which traps and holds moisture, creating an environment for dust mites, mold and mildew, natural latex is very breathable, and resists mold, mildew and dust mites. And if you are dry and comfortable, you can receive the kind of restful and rejuvenating sleep our mattresses are designed to give!

What you won't find in Good Night Naturals Pure Natural Latex mattresses: toxic formaldehydes, bromides, PDBEs (polybrominted diphenel ethers-chemical flame retardants now recognized as cancer producing substances). See: New Flame Retardants by The Huffington Post. At Good Night Naturals, you'll find a Pure Natural latex mattress to fit your body and your needs at a reasonable price.

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