Natural and Organic Comforters

 100% Pure Wool Comforters - 100% Organic Cotton Comforters - 100% Silk Filled Comforters - Guide to Choosing the Right Organic Wool, Cotton or Silk Filled Comforter For You!

Good Night Naturals is very proud to offer 100% Natural Comforters filled with Wool and covered in 100% Organic Cotton. We believe bedding should be natural in its entirety and completely chemical-free. Did you know that many people who believe they have an allergy to wool are actually reacting to the process of carbonization? Compare the differences between Good Night Naturals wool fill and other chemically treated wool.

Why GoodNight Home? Our premium quality, soft comforters help you achieve a comfortable and healthier night's sleep with all natural fibers. 100% natural comforters are as comfortable and cozy as they can be. Handcrafted in the USA from untreated wool, naturally resistant to flames, dust mites, mold and mildew, our wool comforters are a chemical free, healthy and friendly alternative to synthetics or down. 

GoodNight Delux Wool filled Comforters

Made with PureGrow™Wool and a 100% natural organic cotton cover that will make the biggest difference in your sleep environment. Individually hand-made in the United States. superb quality.

The Sleep and Beyond Organic Merino Wool Comforter.
Organic Merino wool, encased in GOTS certified 100% organic cotton jacquard fabric. The price is right and the quality is excellent. 


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