Natural Wood Cribs and Children's Furniture

Good Night Naturals is committed to change and sustainability and that is precisely why we are proud to offer Oeuf Cribs and Childrens Furniture.  A French/American husband and wife team that is steadfast and relentless in its goal to keep Oeuf true to its mission. From inception, Sophie and Michael were motivated by a desire to reduce unnecessary purchases and offer solutions to parents that made sense with the demands of a modern lifestyle. From an alpaca mitten to its Classic Crib, every inch of Oeuf’s design is thoughtful and focused on three key principals: quality, practicality and function – all packaged in beautiful design. It’s about a few essential, high quality and multifunctional, pieces that resonate with today’s cash strapped consumers.

Oeuf - Be good to the planet.
Use natural, renewable, recyclable materials that emphasize conservation and lead to environmentally sound products. Employ eco-conscious manufacturing processes that promote sustainability.

If you want to see Oeuf, visit our Los Angeles store at 5979 West 3rd St. (At Martel) Los Angeles, CA 90046 (Next to The Coffee Bean)


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