What is PureGrow™Wool? PureGrow™Wool is wool used in the production of the GoodNight Home brand of comforters, pillows, mattress pads, mattresses and futons.


Is wool that has not been subjected to the harsh chemical cleaning process called carbonization. Carbonization is used in the production of most wool products today. Our special PureGrow™Wool is washed simply, in large washing machines with soap and very hot water, assuring you that you're not getting anything other than wool in it's purest form. Throughout the packing, cleaning and carding process, care is taken to eliminate chemical processes and maintain uniform quality. Buying products made with PureGrow™Wool encourages sheep ranchers and the wool industry to raise and maintain their flocks naturally and without chemicals, hopefully, encouraging a more eco-friendly wool industry.

Why Wool?
Wool is the most complex, breathable fiber on earth, responding to your body temperature by not overheating, as down tends to do. Down does not handle moisture well, loosing its insulating properties, clumping and separating as it collects moisture. Wool is a perfect insulator – worn in many areas of the world to keep warm, yet the Bedouins of the Sahara wear wool because it keeps them cool. Dust mites love down because they thrive in dark damp places. Wool does not provide the damp medium for them to thrive. Wool is a bit weightier than down and will not slip around on the bed. Our mattresses and comforters are constructed of full size layers of batting, hand tufted and/or machine sewn into position so it will not bunch or separate leaving cold spots. Wool is naturally fire retardant, allowing Good Night Naturals to offer you our mattresses completely natural and absolutely chemical free!

Find relief with Wool.
Due to this hollow, water thirsty fibers ability to efficiently wick away sweat, bedding made with Wool promotes dry, comfortable warmth all evening long. (See Good Night Naturals Comforters, Mattress Pads and Pillows). On average, through perspiration and breathing, an adult can loose up to a pint of water vapor during a normal night of sleep. Menopausal women can loose even more than that! Without the proper bedding and mattress with the ability to absorb moisture, a high body humidity level can raise heart rate and blood pressure. Additionally, if you or your mattress feels damp or clammy it is likely you will toss, turn or awaken. The Health Benefits of Wool.

There is help. Wool, with its hollow fibers can effectively wick away moisture that your body looses all night long. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture (10 times as much as synthetics) without showing signs of dampness. And with the proper care of wool bedding and mattresses, captured moisture is released back into the air. Tests at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales, featuring wool versus synthetic fibers, revealed that the heart rates under wool filled comforters were significantly lower 100% of the time. Furthermore, when under a wool comforter, skin humidity was significantly lower 71% of the time. Call one of our knowledgeable customer service associates to inquire about the Good Night Naturals line of mattresses, comforters, mattress pads and toppers. Call with your questions or for more information: 866-388-5154. See PureGrow™Wool


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