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Good Night Naturals is a family owned business located in California and doing business in North America. Our philosophy is firmly rooted in the belief that healthy lifestyle choices extend to the bed and bath. Today, more and more people are choosing to live and eat healthy, so choosing a sleep system that does not contain harmful chemicals and additives is naturally the next step.

We opened our first store in San Francisco in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the first EarthDay. Today, with over 30 years of experience successfully matching customers with healthy sleep systems, you can be assured that making the right choice for your body type and sleep requirements is literally at your fingertips. Good Night Naturals is committed to providing the knowledge and understanding necessary to make educated choices when it comes to transforming your bedroom & bath into a sanctuary for healthy rest and rejuvenation.

Our mission at Good Night Naturals is to provide superior service and selection while maintaining the lowest prices. Good Night Naturals is proud to have personal relationships with the ranchers, growers and manufacturers of its products. Knowing who are partners are allows us to ensure the finest quality and standards are passed on to you, our customer. We encourage you to email or call us with your questions. Let Good Night Naturals be your partner in transforming your home into a sanctuary of health and well-being!

Contact: 866.388.5154 or

Visit our Los Angeles Store at 5979 W. 3rd Street, (near the Grove)Los Angeles, CA 90036

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