• "Our customers know that the little things can make a real difference to how we live, and my vision for CULTIVER is to offer a curated collection of the best items for our homes that can make everyday more enjoyable as we use them. I am passionate about making our store easy and enjoyable to use."

    Nicolle Sullivan
    Founder, CEO

Everything we do at CULTIVER is with our customers in mind.

  • We are continually endeavoring:To offer products that last
  • To be responsive, helpful and friendly
  • To be thoughtful about packaging
  • To offer high quality products and fair prices – alwaysTo design for longevity
  • To be reputable and trustworthy

We know that the best linen fabric originates from European Flax.

  • Carefully woven and stonewashed for softness,
  • CULTIVER linen has been curated to showcase the best of what this textile has to offer.
  • The way we produce linen today incorporates an enzyme wash to accelerate the softening process that naturally comes with every wash as linen ages - so that it has a vintage feel from the first time you use it.
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