Matteo was created by Matthew Lenoci in 1996 to create simple sheets from the most luxurious textiles in the world. Matteo weaves with leading fabric mills in Italy where the collective wisdom of centuries is combined with cutting edge technology.

Local? Matteo sews right here in Los Angeles in a large workshop adjacent to their design studios. The constant circulation between design and production yields a fertile creative environment and unparalleled quality control.

Design Philosophy: "We make our beds every morning. Therefore, our beds are simple. The seasons of the year are worth savoring. Sometimes we sleep on the deck under a linen sheet; sometimes we weigh down the duvet with blankets. Central air is nice, but an open window with fresh air is better."

Comfort: Our sheeting is woven and finished to the same exact standards of those of the finest men's shirting; you never need to wear anything to bed with Matteo.

Functionality Products are designed to complement one another, creating continuity and endless design possibilities. Most styles are made in all of Matteo's colors allowing you to mix and match throughout your home, from room to room, from year to year.

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