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100% PureGrow™Wool - Organic Cotton - Buckwheat Hull Pillows - 100% Natural Latex - Guide to Choosing the Right One For You!

Good Night Naturals is very proud to offer completely natural pillows filled with PureGrow™Wool. or Organic Cotton batting and covered in 100% Organic Cotton. We believe bedding should be natural in its entirety and completely chemical-free. Others claim to be 100% Natural or Organic, but without PureGrow™Wool or Natura Pure Wool, you may be getting more than you bargained for....bedding treated with chemicals. PureGrow™Wool is unlike most wool produced around the globe, which is subjected to a harsh chemical cleaning process called "carbonization". PureGrow™Wool is not carbonized. Did you know that many people who believe they have an allergy to wool are actually reacting to the process of carbonization? Discover the difference between Good Night Naturals PureGrow™Wool fibers and other so-called natural wool.

Pillows made with pure and natural ingredients will make a remarkable difference in your sleep environment. In fact, the most effective change anyone can make in their sleep environment is replacing or adding pillows, pads and comforters from Good Night Naturals. The improvement in the quality of your sleep will amaze you and make you a believer, just like us, even after 15 years later. One night nestled in bed with your own PureGrow™Wool or 100% Organic Cotton Pillow, will convince you of how relaxing and rejuvenating a great nights sleep can be! Organic pillows are especially helpful in alleviating allergy symptoms associated with down and synthetic pillows.

Good Night Naturals is proud to offer pillows filled with Certified Organic cotton. Organic cotton pillows are stuffed with pure certified organic cotton and covered in a case made from organic cotton sateen, so you sleep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Breathe easier and sleep soundly cradled in luxurious comfort. Take control of your sleep with an organic cotton pillow from Good Night Naturals. Certified Organic cotton fill. 100% organic cotton is an interactive fill that creates an insulating layer helping to regulate temperature next to the skin for a healthy, comfortable nights sleep. Cotton filled pillows create a firmer feel, and tend to work well with sleepers who require a supportive pillow that remains somewhat constant throughout their nights sleep. If this is your first organic cotton filled pillow, consider trying a soft or medium pillow.


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