Contour Latex Pillows

Contour Latex Pillows
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Because everyone is unique, GoodNight Home offers a variety of pillows in different shapes, sizes and materials, so that you may find the perfect match. Our pillows are made with the safest and natural ingredients available. We use only natural fibers that are breathable and completely safe. No chemical off gassing! Choose your fill of dust-mite resistant Wool, hypoallergenic, anti-microbial 100% Natural Latex, Kapok, or Organic Cotton. With so many pillows to choose from, everyone in your household will find one that is a perfect fit!

If you're tossing and turning all night it could be because you're not using the right pillow. The correct pillow for you is very important to getting a proper nights rest. It's not just about "comfort", it's also about sleeping on a pillow that is healthy and not filled with chemicals and synthetic fibers or foams.

Our Latex Contour Pillow is completely natural and entirely chemical-free. Contour latex pillows offer exceptional neck support with the added health benefits of natural latex. Each pillow offers two support choices to match your individual needs.  


  • Contour shape allows for two pillow positions.
  • Contour shape promotes proper neck support.
  • Natural Latex pillows are soft, yet supportive without the odor of memory foam.
  • Natural Latex is harvested from trees without harming the tree.
  • Latex is hypoallergenic and resists dust mites.
  • Latex is naturally anti-bacterial.
  • Latex contour pillow offers excellent neck support.
  • Covered in zippered 100% certified organic cotton sateen pillow case.
  • Zippered cover is washable.
  • One size: 15 1/2 x 24 inches.
  • One firmness: Medium firm.
  • Fits inside a standard pillow case.
  • Height: 4 to 6 inches (approx).
  • Zippered pillow cover are machine washable.
  • To clean zippered covered pillows, carefully remove contents and machine wash warm, cover only, and line dry.
  • Placing in the sun is an excellent way to purify your pillows, pads, toppers and comforters.
  • Spot clean 100% Natural Latex with mild soap and water.  Blot dry.
  • Do not machine wash pillows, only the covers if it zips off.
  • Do not machine dry.
Ground shipping included for the Continental USA. Outside Continental USA or expedited shipments incur additional shipping charges. Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization. Call to obtain return authorization.
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Contour Latex Pillow $139.00
Organic Cotton Allergy Pillow Encasing(ea) $35.99 $28.79 On Sale!
Organic Sateen Cotton Zippered Pillow Protector Covers $28.00
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