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Is your mattress hurting your health?

Could your mattress be affecting your health and immune function?

Do you know what chemicals are required by law in a conventional mattress?
How much mold do you think your current mattress has?
Come find out!

We will show you the difference a mattress can make on your health, sleep, digestion, allergies and more with a demonstration and a short talk followed by Q&A. Come see what a difference you can make with your health!

Special guest, Monica Hershaft, owner of MLH Wellness will be there to explain how your health and immune function go hand in hand with the toxins in your environment. She will also discuss the different choices you can make to put your health first. Treat the source of your issues instead of the symptoms!

Some healthy munchies will be served and a short talk at 4:30 with Q&A followed by demonstrations of how your mattress can affect your health!

Call (310) 425-3045 for more details or if you have any questions.

Please RSVP here for your space!
What: Health Q&A
When: Saturday December 19, 2015 4pm-6pm
Where: Goodnight Naturals
5979 West 3rd St.
(At Martel – Next to the Coffee Bean)
Los Angeles, California 90036
Please feel free to re-share and invite anyone you think could benefit.