What our customers are saying:

Finally sleeping on our new bed!  It’s all wonderful. Thank you for providing this great service. I so appreciate having a safe place to sleep and restore my body every night. 
Take care,
BW. Durango, CO
Just wanted to let you know that our mattress topper arrived and we are delighted with it!  It has solved our problems and is perfect....no more tossing and turning and sweating at night.  Thanks so much for taking the time to explain all the benefits of wool and latex.  We really appreciate your patience! Best Regards,
Diana and Steve. Pacific Palisades, CA
Thank you so much for the push to get the topper. Last night's sleep was maybe the best I may have ever had. The power of wool is not lost on us and we now are forever going to champion the cause.  Thank you again and again.
Timothy N, Westchester CA
Love, love, love! This is now our number 1 place to go for a mattress or bedding. Shopping for a mattress can be such a stressful experience. Either people could careless or they pressure you. Here we got all our questions answered and learned a lot but we never felt like they guy was spending his commission in his head. He truly loves what he does and wanted to help us. We got an organic mattress for our babies crib and honestly I feel so good about it! I can't wait to finish setting up the nursery.  Sarah F, Studio City, CA
We just got the mattress put together and laid it out on some temporary bamboo slats on our pine floor. We wanted to tell you that both of us love it.  It is perfect for us. Thank you again. Cheers, Brian, Samantha and baby Sabrina. North Carolina 
Long overdue: THANK YOU.  We love our bed and the bedding!  You've had infinite patience and held my hand through the choices. Thank you!
L & J, Studio City, CA
I have been meaning to email you and thank you for all your help regarding the bedding solutions for our family. Everything has worked out really well, the mattresses are great!  Appreciatively, Veronique Dallas TX
We LOVE the mattress! This week has been the first decent week of sleep we’ve had in a long time. We are so glad you advertised in the Larchmont Chronicle so we remembered your store, and really appreciate the time you spent with us sorting it out and getting it customized for us. T & C Los Angeles, CA.
Just wanted to let you know we are very happy with our new mattress and also really appreciate your help expediting the delivery of our daughter's mattress. We're sleeping well and the hip pain I had before was gone! Many thanks. SVG Los Angeles, CA

Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know I received the pillow-once again, thank you for making this a smooth process. Please know I am beyond happy with your products! No more headaches, sinuses etc...definitely high quality stuff! And thank you for putting out there such high quality products. Life time costumer, Luz 

I wanted to let you know I recently received your Pillow. I'd like to thank you for providing me with the best sleep I have had in 4 months! It's amazing what adifference a good pillow can make. I also promised some photos, I will send those in the next e-mail. Again, thank you very much for the wonderful gift! John M, US Armed Forces, Afganistan

I have been sleeping on this mattress for a few months now and just have to tell you how much I love it! If I can't sleep now, it's my own fault!!! Sheila, Keene NH

The LunaStar Mattress is the most comfortable mattress we've ever slept on, pure luxury and comfort. Since we've been sleeping on the Eclipse mattress we don't even notice our two dogs who share the bed with us...how great is that? It's like sleeping on a cloud!
Pat and Ben Stone, Sudbury, MA

I received the order and everything is great. I'm very pleased with both the service and products! Take care.
Sara, Huntington Beach, CA

To offer our perspective the three main things we love about this bed:

  • The peace of mind knowing the bed was not only manufactured in America but made of responsible and chemical-free materials.
  • The comfort of the natural latex over the interlaced springs…we’re sleeping very well
  • Finally, the smell – that may sound weird, but it’s the first thing I noticed – the mattress and box spring smell beautifully natural, not even a hint of the noxious chemical smell one always gets near any normal mattress or bedding material.

Adam, Brooklyn, NY

We had our first night last night with all the components, and it was a great night’s sleep! Our guests will try out the king this weekend—I’m sure they’ll concur. Thanks again for everything.
Janet, Haydenville, MA.

We just received the mattress! beautiful!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. My husband was really impressed with the quality. Let me say that we're pretty particular. He is not easy to impress. His exact words were " wow-how do I get one like this for us??
Caren, Yarmouth, ME.

Gosh, I'd LOVE to tell you how happy I am with the Good Night Naturals duvet cover I purchased. It's not only beautifully classic but also made with high quality material. I've received numerous compliments and I make sure I tell them it's from Good Night Naturals.

As much as I love the cover, what I love more was the excellent customer support I received. Not only did you help ensure my order was correct and shipped, you provided a personal touch that is so infrequently a tenet in many customer support departments. I ordered on a Monday and my order was on my doorstep on Wednesday! I am more than a satisfied customer and am looking forward to purchasing from Good Night Naturals again. Thank you so much!
Cathy, Ellicott City, MD

I have to say how much I love working with small companies, and how thankful I am for your wonderful, personal customer service. I don't really care if I can call you 24 hours a day or about getting an instant answer to my questions. It's worth waiting a day knowing that I'm working with someone who cares about my satisfaction with their product. I can't imagine someone at a big box company taking the time to contact the manufacturer of a product to inquire about the variance in shades of color in sheets labeled "white". They might even laugh at me.

Going organic has really driven me to quite a few smaller companies, and what a joy. I'm a vegetarian, but my hubby still eats meat - so I order his chicken & beef from a midwest coop called Organic Prairie. We buy in bulk , and when it shipped to my house the invoice was hand signed "Thanks for your order, Mike". Really? Such a small thing, but something I would never see froma mega corp. I hope we are reaching a tipping point (ala egg scare) where more & more people are learning about organics and seeing the value. And maybe in our lifetime we will see a massive shift.

Just want to say God Bless you and your company for putting high quality organic bedding out into the world, knowing all the while we are still waging a battle to get everyone on board :-)

I don't know who signs your paychecks, or if you own the place, but please forward this if there is someone who would enjoy knowing how wonderful customers think you are! Warm Regards.
Michelle, Bartlett, IL.

Again, thanks for picking up the shipping on my order. I just rec'd an email from Paypal telling me as such. You folks really go above and beyond in the customer service dept. Be Green! Save the Planet!
Kathleen, Redwood City, CA.

Thank you, Paul. We love the futon. I am sleeping better than I have in years. I also appreciate your excellent customer service.

Valarie G

We have been sleeping on our new bed for a week now and love it!  This might sound funny by the smell of it is so beautiful Thank you so much. Laura.

The mattresses are amazing!!  They are certainly the nicest I’ve ever owned and the quality is top notch. Peggy and I laid on them all, just like the 3 bears with the 3 different sized beds,lol!  We haven’t spent the night yet, but we are getting so close and I think with the amazing mattress toppers, we will sleep extremely well. Terry K, California

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