100% Natural Mattresses

What is a 100% Natural Mattresses?


It is no longer news that sleeping on 100% natural mattresses and bedding is best if you desire a healthy and rejuvenating night’s sleep. They are made without the use of chemicals or additives and made entirely of 100% natural latex, pure wool and cotton. Considering the comfort it provides with the durability it promises, you will see that buying natural mattresses and bedding is a very good investment for your health and well-being.

If you are beginning your research, you will soon discover that bedding and mattresses that use wool vary widely. Some wool is labeled as PureGrowTM wool or Eco-Wool, while others are labeled “organic” or “certified organic”. Even though the wool used in bedding and mattresses may be natural, not all wool is produced without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals.

Non-Itchy, Not Carbonized, Not Bleached:
Our wool does NOT go through a carbonization process nor is sheep dipping involved and it’s never bleached. We use a wool blend which offers the best loft for bedding and it’s not an itchy wool.

So before you buy your own mattress, there are two very important facts you must verify before you pull out your wallet:


There is a standard created by the USDA standards for organic livestock, which prohibits using synthetic pesticides on the pasture and on the wool. Under these standards, dipping sheep in harsh insecticides in a bid to control parasites is not allowed. Likewise organic feed and forage must be provided in the raising of the sheep. 

There is still another category of wool labeled PureGrowTM Wool and Pure Wool. These wools are not certified organic, however, the sheep that produce this wool is raised by small-scale US farmers who follow guidelines that guarantee the health and happiness of the sheep. Even though they are not certified, it still follows the USDA standards.

So when buying natural and organic and natural wool comforters, ensure you buy from sources that use supplies from wool growers that are certified organic or those that follow sustainable and cruelty-free livestock farming practices.


The fact that wool was sheared from sheep that were raised without exposure to chemicals doesn’t mean it is purely organic and completely natural. It is also necessary that you find out if the wool was cleaned and processed with harsh detergents, dyes, bleaches, acid baths or crimping chemicals. We don’t use wool that is “Carbonized”.

Wool Carbonizing: It is the final process applied for removing burrs and other impurities remaining in the wool. The process uses a sulfuric acid solution to degrade impurities. Our concern is that chemical residue remains on the wool which produces allergic reactions and off-gassing VOC’s.

To be on the safest side, it is advised that you buy from manufacturers and retailers that support sustainable wool production and are honest about the process passed through by the wool they stock.

In essence, when buying an 100% natural mattress, bedding or wool comforter, ensure it includes wool that is pure and properly raised and treated with minimal processing. It is only then that you can enjoy the full benefit that come from using natures purest ingredients.  


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