Area Sally Blanket

Area Sally Blanket
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All Area products are designed by Anki Spets. The carefully chosen colors, one-of-a-kind patterns and sublte detail are what makes each Area item distinct and unique. Area linens are made from natural fibers. Materials and factories are carefully chosen from around the world to ensure quality goods that last. You'll find functionality, continuity and endless coordination possibilities. Area is designed to last both in style and in quality! Free Shipping For Area Items Over $99. Use coupon code area99 when checking out on the shipping cart page. Applies only to Area bedding items.

SALLY BLANKET Lightweight cotton blankets in a honeycomb like waffle weave. Great texture and drape. Comes in twin, queen and king sizes. Pair with ANTON sheets in coordinating or contrasting colors to create a fresh new look.

Free Shipping For Area Items Over $99. Use coupon code area99 when checking out on the shipping cart page. Applies only to Area bedding items.

100% cotton
  • Colors: Green, Ivory, Khaki, Steel, Pink
  • Blankets: Twin 66x90, FU/QU 90x90, King 108x90.

We like to keep things simple, including our care instructions. There are basic instructions on our packaging and labels, but here are some more helpful hints.

AREA fabrics are made from natural fibers so they’ll change with use, washing, drying and time. Linen fibers soften with use and washing and will wrinkle less over time.


All AREA items can be machine washed except for the wool blankets, linen quilts and printed linen pillows (see about dry cleaning below). AREA linen bedding can be machine washed with the same care as our cottons.

  • Wash bedding before use in warm or cold water on the regular or gentle cycle.
  • Wash bedding separately from other laundry (separating light and dark colors).
  • Wash cotton blankets separately to avoid shedding on other bedding.
  • Remove damp bedding promptly from the washer and shake out before drying to reduce wrinkling.
  • Do not use softeners, it is not needed.


  • Tumble dry on low or medium heat and be careful not to over-dry. Over-drying makes fabrics brittle and causes shrinking and wrinkling.
  • Remove from dryer when slightly damp to avoid excess wrinkling.
  • Do not use dryer sheets.
  • Empty the lint filter before drying, especially with blankets.


  • Use mild detergent.
  • Use less detergent than the manufacturer recommends (too much detergent weakens the fibers over time).
  • Fill the washer with water before adding detergent. Do not put detergent directly on fabrics to avoid discoloration.
  • Use non-chlorine bleach on whites, but only if necessary. Chlorine bleach wears down fibers and can cause yellowing.
  • Avoid fabric softener. It coats the surface and weakens the fabric. AREA bedding softens naturally.


  • Dry clean AREA wool blankets and throws.
  • Dry clean AREA linen quilts and printed linen pillows to retain size and appearance.
  • Although our linen quilts and printed linen pillows can safely be machine washed, dry cleaning is recommended because they will shrink and pucker due to their size and manufacturing techniques.


  • Iron while linens are still damp.
  • If dry dampen linens with water (spray onto cloth).
  • Use a steam iron on warm (never a hot, dry iron).
  • Iron embroidered pieces on the back side.


All AREA bedding that is marked machine-washable allows for shrinkage; however, washing in hot water and over drying can cause excessive shrinkage.

Returns are not accepted without prior authorization, and are subject to a 20% re-stocking charge.


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Sally Blanket - Twin $175.00
Sally Blanket - Queen $195.00
Sally Blanket - King $225.00
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