Shredded Organic Latex Pillows

Shredded Organic Latex Pillows
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The organic shredded latex pillows are stuffed with a special blend of high quality GOLS certified organic latex, made from sap tapped from Para rubber trees. Organic natural latex fill are not all the same--as different companies have different recipes, baking process, and produce different density of latex. After extensive research, our latex fill is what we believe as the best, most comfortable fill for sleeping.
The cotton zippered inner case is designed so customers can adjust the amount of fill to their loft preference. The 100% organic cotton material for the outer casing is especially picked for its smoothness, luxurious feel, and super comfortable to the touch.

If you're tossing and turning all night it could be because you're not using the right pillow. The correct pillow for you is very important to getting a proper nights rest. It's not just about "comfort", it's also about sleeping on a pillow that is healthy and not filled with chemicals and synthetic fibers or foams. 

100% Natural Latex pillows are soft, yet supportive without the chemical off gassing of memory foam. Our organic shredded latex pillow is completely natural without added chemicals. Shredded latex pillows are highly adjustable and offer great support with the added health benefits of 100% organic latex. Unbelievable to sleep on, soft, and squishy with the ability to adjust and mold to your neck and head. 

  • Supportive for Head & Neck: Latex has a resiliency similar to memory foam that can support the head and neck, and doesn't go flat the way poly-fill, cotton, and feathers do.
  • Natural materials: GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton Cover, & 100% Organic Cotton Lining, GOLS Certified Organic natural latex (made from sap harvested from rubber trees), 
  • Double zipper/adjustable fill pillows are designed with zippered inner lining to allow customers to adjust the fill to their preference for soft, medium, hard.
  • Machine Washable: Wash the outer cover by itself or wash the entire pillow!
  • Designed For Airflow: Pillows are stuffed with shredded latex pieces of different sizes to promote greater air circulation to prevent trapping of heat.
  • Anti-microbial, dust mite & mildew resistant: Unlike cotton and feather pillows that can harbor dust mites and grow mold over time, the inherent qualities of natural latex prohibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and other organisms, making natural latex pillows hypo-allergenic.
  • Durable: organic latex pillows are more durable, resilient, and retain their shape and bounce very well without having to fluff them every night.
  • Standard/Queen (20x28),
  • King(20x36),
  • Travel (12x16)
  • Wash the outer cover by itself or wash the entire pillow.
  • Zippered covers remove to allow for cleaning.
  • Never attempt to machine wash latex fill without cover.
  • Un-make your bed and bedding at least once a week to allow trapped moisture to be released, refreshing you bedding.
  • Placing pillow in the sun is an excellent way to purify it.
  • Ships compressed
  • Pillows are in stock and ship within 48 hours
  • Ships via ground service.
  • Additional charges apply for Hawaii, Alaska or overseas shipments.
  • Ships flat.
  • Carefully open sealed bags without cutting pillow case or contents.
  • Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization.
  • Due to the hypoallergenic nature of the products and bedding law regulations, items that have been used, laundered, or are not in original packaging are non-returnable.
  • Call for more information: 866 388 5154.
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Shredded 100% Organic Latex Pillow - Std/Queen $85.00
Shredded 100% Organic Latex Pillow - King $95.00
Shredded 100% Organic Latex Pillow - Travel $40.00
Organic Cotton Allergy Pillow Encasing(ea) $31.99 $28.79 On Sale!
Organic Sateen Cotton Zippered Pillow Protector Covers $28.00
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