Dressers and Nightstands

Good Night Naturals is committed to change and sustainability and that is precisely why we are proud to offer Pacific Rim Woodworking maple furniture.

"Not only is Pacific Rim Woodworking committed to providing a product that is made with minimal environmental impact, but constructed to withstand generations of use. With its straightforward design and sturdy construction, a significant contribution is made to the environment by limiting the use of untapped resources to create replacement products."

Pacific Rims commitment to sustainability begins with using "green certified" Pacific Western Maple certified under the Forest Stuartship Council (FSC) as administered by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) for their softwoods harvest. Every possible board foot of maple is used, donating the smallest off-fall to local schools and community centers for woodshop projects or low-income families for heat during the winter months. Even the sawdust is recycled into compost at a local lawn and garden center.


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